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Welcome to Collections Online - where you can explore 230,000 objects from the collections of the Science Museum, the National Media Museum and the National Railway Museum.

The collections include objects relating to aeronautics, agriculture, astronomy, cinematography, medicine, materials, space, television, time measurement, transport and more. They range in size from contact lenses to Concorde 002.

We can only display a small proportion of our collections, but here you can learn about thousands of objects, many of which are not currently on display.
If you search from this page the database will return both objects and people connected to those objects. From the objects page it will return only objects and from the people page, only people. The advanced search option allows you to search within specific subjects, time periods, geographical locations and more.
Collections Online is updated every month as new records and images are added or upgraded. Not all of our objects are present and some records are incomplete, but work continues.

Many of the object records include high quality digital images taken by our Photo Studio. Some images are our record photographs and these generally include a scale and the object number. Though these are not high quality reproduction images we thought you would like to see them.

You can help us to improve this resource - let us know if have any information about our objects, or if you find any errors. Please quote the Object Number/s and email:

The Science Museum Group (SMG) is committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. We have taken reasonable efforts to ensure that images and content do not infringe others rights. Please email if you have any queries.